“I Love This Photo…”

“I Love This Photo…” is going to be a regular weekly feature. I hope you enjoy seeing how my photographic mind works.

This week I chose a couple of images from Andrew & Louise’s wedding at Belair House in Dulwich Village because they simply transported me right back to the moment they walked back down the aisle as a married couple. At long last, they’ve only been together since high-school!

The wedding ceremony room at Belair House was beyond busy and hardly enough room for them to exit. I was stationed at the front and my amazing 2nd photographer Louise managed to capture these at close range from the back. When they say a picture paints a thousand words, I think these photos communicate so much more than any words could describe the level of joy they felt right there and then and they just look like… ‘Hollywood’! : )

Belair House Wedding Photographer Dulwich Village Dulwich Village Wedding Photographer