Rowhill Grange Wedding Photographer

Rowhill Grange Spa Wedding Photographer Kent.

Rowhill Grange Spa is not only an spa but a great wedding venue which you can be pampered at the day before with your bridesmaids or family, which is exactly what Julie and Mark did.

I was so thrilled to be photographing an outdoor ceremony at Rowhill Grange Spa.
However, the weather couldn’t quite make up it’s mind! An hour before the ceremony it was beautiful, it felt and looked positively exotic!
Yet…note the puddles on seats and no guests!
Rowhill Grange Wedding Photographer
The bride had stayed over for some pampering the day before and had witnessed a wedding whereby everyone was running for shelter. So, in order to avoid the stress the bride decided not to chance it and made a wise decision to have the ceremony in the lovely conservatory instead.
Rowhill Grange Wedding Photographer
We didn’t let a bit of rain get us down (‘tis the British way) and I still managed to capture some great photos of the couple indoors.

We also got lucky and there was a five minute reprieve from the rain, so out we went…

Rowhill Grange Spa Wedding Photographer

Lovely memories of your wedding day Julie & Mark. xxx

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